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What We Offer


Well designed, self contained rooms. Crafted ideally with the comfortability of the tenants in mind. Serenity and Tranquility only experienced at 'The burbs'

Payment Utilities

We offer various cash handling utilities that will allow the tenats the comfort of having various payment options.


We have a variety of rooms within our complex allowing you to have a wide array to choose from.

About Us

At 'The burbs' you are sure to enjoy serenity from this unique and privileged boarding site. Only 15 minutes walk from Daystar University, and a further 20 minutes via local means to the main road, it is sure to be the best and most convenient location to reserve accommodation with in the area

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One of the best designed hosting complex I have ever got to see that not only caters to the basic needs of the people it accomodates, but offers luxurious amenities as well

Daniel Okello